Four Common Problems With Furnaces

During the cold winter months, we know how important it is to have a well-functioning heating system. We are well aware that problems with furnaces can arise. At Mallard Mechanical, we want to ensure that your home is being heated properly and that you and your family are comfortable. We are here for furnace repairs and services as well as emergency service repairs.


Noisy Furnace

Unusual noises such as rattling and pinging often indicate a problem with your furnace. These problems can range from loose panels that need to be tightened to issues with ductwork or a dirty filter. It is best to call our experienced team of technicians to help solve this issue.


Bad Odor

Most commonly, bad odors from your furnace can be attributed to dirty filters. Dust can accumulate over time within the system causing a slight burning smell. Also, a moldy smell can be attributed to other debris and allergens.


Thermostat Malfunction

Another common problem is a malfunction of the thermostat. A sign of this is if the fan is constantly running, in turn causing your thermostat battery to run and leading to the inefficiency of your furnace. To check this, set the fan on auto, seeing if the fan is running constantly at all of the heating settings.

dirty filter

Dirty or Clogged Filters

Dirty or clogged filters can decrease the intake your furnace needs to function properly. This can also lead to further damage down the line. It is advised to change your filters once every four months to ensure the efficient performance of your furnace.

You can do your part to ensure that all aspects of your furnace are clean and running as they should be. However, you know that you can trust our team of experts here at Mallard Mechanical.

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